My Little Book of tru-i-zems

Supreme Self-Development Strategies for Those Desiring to Conquer Supremely!

What the WISE Wolf Knows...

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is that personal attributes such as granite-like courage, powerful self-respect, self-awareness, self-discipline, and keen self-actualization leads to his taking command of the world around him. The WISE wolf lets nothing, ESPECIALLY himself, prevent him from living far beyond the boundaries of ordinary existence. This book is ultimately about developing the Wise Wolf within you and letting your wolf give you the power and character needed to own the world.

The action-arousing quotes in my book are ones that I still use to keep me sharply focused on my goals and dreams. These quotes help keep me driven to meet completely with achievement after achievement, no matter what goals they flow from. I give you my word that these quotes will do for you the exact same things they've done for me.
Furthermore, I've included failure-to-success stories of my life (a few of them absolutely WILD) and numerous detailed commentaries covering precisely how and why self-development in every area of life is simply the only way to own everything life has to offer. The highly self-disciplined, indominitable apex competitor such as the wolf knows this all too well. Now, you will, too!

Pursue your goals fearlessly and beyond all obstacles. Go for the character, relationship, financial, business, family and professional targets you hunger for.
My Little Book of tru-i-zems will sharpen your view of the following life-enhancing character strengths that will hoist you to one high success after another, and another:

*Supreme Communication Skills
*Honesty & Integrity
*The true value of Self-Respect
& much more!

Build solidly on these life attributes and like the wolf you'll be in command of and win greatly in the world around you. Capture the goals you set your eyes upon!

A tru-i-zem (truism): "To OWN the world around you, you must first CONQUER the world within you!"
-Your Wise Inner Wolf


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